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Our Family Ancestors Site is an ongoing collaboration by several cousins who have been researching our Hart family history for many years. We have accumulated photos, documents and historical data about our ancestors. We have also accumulated information on the many families who are not our direct descendants, ...

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Myron Hart Circa 1900

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We have many photos from the mid 1800’s on up. Some of the earlier photos we have been able to name, many we have not. If you can identify them, let us know. If you have photos you can’t identify, share those, we or other cousins may be able to help.



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Hart siblings Ronald, Charlotte, Duane, 1928

Emma and Byron Peck Home Royal Oak, MI c.1930

William Keith 1816 - 1893 Huntingdon Co., PA

Isaiah Nathaniel Burke 1854 - 1909 Scott Co. VA


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